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Rockin' down Blues Road! (Other News!)

2009-07-20 18:58:37 by VIIOrange

I've released two new blues track! It was more of a progressive effort than something serious. Perhaps I shouldn't say new, since they were the first one uploaded on here.

The other news is that I did a very progressive track that is semi-classic and semi-metal, so I guess it would be called symphony metal, no? Anyways, I'm not sure I'm going to upload that here. It's following a fantasy story I'm writing (to be published in the not far away future!) and is similar to The Chronicles of Israfel, if you've ever heard them. There's some voice acting in the track, and reversed latin phrases, and whole bunch of guitar phrases that have been reversed for effect. It turns into a very heavy track at the end, with killer bass and drums.

Anyways, give the new tracks a listen.

:) May the Orange be with you



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