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Just so you all know...

2009-04-20 20:20:40 by VIIOrange

...Before you I-Hope-You-Die-In-A-Fire on my material, please write why you think my work deserves such a grade. Really, when you listen to it - or at least half of it, for most of you - and just give it that rating right away without bothering to say why it wasn't good, it's not going to help me reflect and try to improve.

T'would be appreciated, thank you.


In more positive news:

Two songs up. The first one, Life Burns! was done earlier today and was kept clean from effects. The second one is an oldie called Anywhere But Here! and is personally my favorite of the two.


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2009-04-20 20:22:25 n/228079
Check it out.

And I'll check out your song in the process.

VIIOrange responds:

Checked out. Nice work, man.


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